Emily Sall
Installation View- "Muster and Rally"  Installation ViewInstallation View"Shucking and Jiving""Muster and Rally" Installation View"Olla Podrida""Round the Bend"  and  "Bandy Legged""Shucking and Jiving"
Information is Incidental
Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project is pleased to present Information is Incidental, a two-person exhibition by Kansas City based artist Emily Sall and Austin, Texas based artist Rebecca Ward, opening at Paragraph gallery on Friday, June 19, 6-9pm.
The exhibition centers around these two artists’ ideas about space, in terms of responding to the architectures of existing spaces as well as creating new spaces within these architectures or within the confines of flat surfaces. In exploring these interests, the two artists share a high-key color palette, the use of crisp, graphic line, and a cumulative process, whereby forms are constructed or suggested through a repetition and layering of line. The exhibition will feature a series of new paintings by Sall, installation- based work by Ward, and a new collaborative installation developed by the artists (who have never met) on site. CSF Associate Director Kate Hackman invited Sall and Ward to exhibit together based on perceived affinities in their work following a studio visit with Ward in Austin in summer 2008 while planning UCP’s prior exchange/collaboration with Austin’s Okay Mountain